Corporate Party Venue

  • Bring life to your corporate events with Noor Convention Centre. 
  • We plan and host your corporate events in a very professional and lavish manner. Taking good care of your guests and serving them in the best manner is our priority. 
  • Host your corporate events with us and make your guests brag about you! 
  • Here are some services included in our corporate event hosting

We are flexible to host any kind of corporate events

From Christmas parties to seminars, business meetings, or conferences we are experts in hosting all kinds of events perfectly. Our well-trained staff takes the whole planning and execution of the events in control and provides you with the best hosting experience in Brampton.

We also provide all kinds of tools required at corporate events. Such as wifi, screens, whiteboards, etc.


Our expert culinary team is known to serve the most authentic and delicious dishes as per your guest’s taste palette. At Noor Convention Centre, you don’t have to worry about preparations, taste, or quality of food. We have expert chefs on our team followed by professional serving staff. Your guests will savor the dishes with all their hearts and remember you for them. Also, our menu is 100% customizable.

Our Rates Are Reasonable!

While happiness is worth every penny, it should be affordable

This is why we give you the most competitive rates to make sure you can host your events with us, without any stress! We are affordable but we aren’t cheap. You’ll find all of our services including catering, event planning, management, and venue to be high class and luxurious in Brampton. We believe in making affordable luxury accessible to all of our clients.